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Trading Services

Trading Services

A2Z Consultancy and Trading Services provides all type of machinery, spare parts, Refectory,  Electrical and mechanical equipment’s, Steel pipes, steel Plates, Seals, Hydraulic equipment’s etc. We supply high quality raw material required in industries like coke, Ferromanganese, lime, silica,  quartzite, vanadium, etc

We supply and arrange all the spares and raw materialrequire for the Industry

  1. Steel plant
  2. Oil and Gas Refinery
  3. Cement Plant
  4. Food Processing Plant
  5. Oxygen Plant
  6. Lab equipment and chemicals
  7. Cement plant
  8. Chemical plant
  9. Fertilizer plant
  10. Refractory

And for other related industries.

Equipment’s like Generator, Compressors, Pump, Gear Box, Software system, Automation system, Temperature measuring system , pressure and flow measuring system, Hydraulic and pneumatic system,  safety PPE Kit, Thermal Insulation , Bearings, etc.

We provide good quality machinery, and spare to meets the requirement of the customer, to reach high-quality performance and production, and to reduce the downtime caused by equipment.

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