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Core Team

Mayank Singh – Managing Director

Mr. Mayank Singh founded A2Z Consultancy and Trading Services in the year 2000 at the age of 25. Being a result-driven and inspiring leader, he leads the company to work in various industries like steel plants, all types of furnaces, oil and gas, energy, chemicals, water, power, and infrastructure. Starting as a small, detailed engineering company A2Z Consultancy and Trading Services grew to become a multi-disciplinary value-driven organization, which can offer complicated, holistic technical solutions to industries globally. With over 20 years of experience, he has traveled extensively all around the world developing a wide range of customer bases across North America, Canada, Europe, the Middle East, South East Asia, and Australia. Customer delight is one of his most coveted values, which he lives by, day in and day out, and as a result, has developed repeat customers all around the world.

Chandu Patel – Technical Director

A mechanical engineer with an analytical aptitude, having experience in front-end and detailed engineering in steel plants, projects, heavy structures, chemical plants, oil and gas facilities, power stations, tank terminals, and related industries.

Process management and delivery, project engineering, feasibility studies, maintenance, technical assistance for processes and maintenance, activities such as involvement, P&ID, performing various design calculations, simulation using software, Design review, training, and implementing international standards like Six Sigma, TPM, CMMS, 5S, etc. for projects and process improvement across the globe.

Work closely with all client and in-house Engineering disciplines, Operations, Quality Control, Project Engineering, and Finance for preparing, evaluating, and implementing modifications to improve productivity, quality, and internal cost control.

Known for relationship-building with multinational clients, networking at large events across the world to increase the customer base, and focusing on quality to ensure trust and timely delivery.

He is driving this company to multi-fold growth in terms of revenue, diversification, customer reach, and very important growth of our employees who are relentlessly supporting this cause.

Habul Dey – Vice President

Mr. Habul Dey is a mechanical engineer with more than 35 years of experience in EPC of oil and gas refineries, steel plants, and Petrochemicals industries, Design of Chemical Process Equipment, heading and handling big sized projects, managing teams, revamping and maintenance of Big Plants like Oil and gas refinery, steel plant, chemical plant, and related project.

In addition, to design and project management, he has been involved in the erection and commissioning, and maintenance of plants and Equipment. His strengths include Technical knowledge, People Skills, Project Management, and Contracts.

He has been valuable to A2Z Consultancy and Trading Services in identifying potential business opportunities by analyzing market conditions, examining risks and potentials, and has actively contributed to the development of the A2Z Consultancy and Trading Services family. He is our VP and an integral part of the A2Z Consultancy and Trading Services family.

Binay Gupta  – Project & Design Manager

Mr. Binay Gupta is a mechanical engineer with 15 years of experience in the design and detail engineering of multidisciplinary EPCM projects. He joined A2Z Consultancy and Trading Services as an engineer and throughout his tenure played multiple roles like a piping engineer, piping lead, and project engineer capable of efficiently handling all phases of a project right from initiation, planning, executing, controlling, and closing, and Manager Operations whose focus is the smooth and efficient running of the organization.

He aims at aligning A2Z Consultancy and Trading Services goals to client goals and has proved himself as a versatile Leader.

Katia Al-Akari – Business Development Manager

En. Katia Al-Akari, a mechanical engineer with a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA), has six years of work experience in projects, procurements, marketing, drawing, and design.

 Qualified: She is working as a business development manager at A2Z Consultancy and Trading Services with exceptional planning and implementation capabilities. She developed a growth strategy focused both on financial gain and customer satisfaction, arranged business meetings with prospective clients, promoted the company’s products and services by addressing or predicting clients’ objectives, prepared sales contracts ensuring adherence to law-established rules and guidelines, provided trustworthy feedback, and provided after-sales support, building long-term relationships with new and existing customers, and developed entry-level staff into valuable salespeople.

Zeina Ali – Executive Coordinator

En. Zena Ali, Communication Engineer and Graphic Designer with 5 years of work experience, in projects, procurements, Marketing, Drawing, and design.

Qualified: She is working as Executive Coordinator in A2Z Consultancy and Trading Services with exceptional communication and coordination skills. She coordinates between Brema Company, an electrical system, and A2Z Consultancy and Trading Services. She has in-depth knowledge of and performs tasks supporting, the client engagement management process, including, understanding independence regulations, using appropriate tools to open client and engagement codes, and ensuring compliance with time and expense tracking/reporting. Meeting Coordination: coordinates and makes arrangements for on-site and off-site meetings and events, including. Participating in the coordination of internal and external events demonstrated sound judgment regarding confidential and sensitive matters.

Neeraj Kumar – Business Development Manager (Asia)

Neeraj Kumar is a civil engineer having +25 years of enriched experience, managing all phases of Project functions encompassing site management, Land acquisition, Localliaison, Operations & Maintenance in Oil & Gas, Residential & Commercial Projects, Railway, Port, Retail outlets & Roads Projects. Adequate Capability, Efficiency & Accountable in Immense portrait Managerial Roles: Overcome complex business challenges and make high-stakes decisions using proven experience in a managerial role that requires experience-backed judgment, strong work ethics, and irreproachable integrity, as well as above-average communication, collaboration, and delegation skills.

Sunil Kumar – QA / QC Manager

Sunil Kumar is a Mechanical Engineer having 24+ years of experience in QA/QC projects. He joined A2Z Consultancy and Trading Services as a QA/QC manager.


PCN- LEVEL II:-Ultrasonic Testing (3.1 & 3.2), Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing(PAUT), Time Of Flight Diffraction (TOFD)


NDT LEVEL II – ASNT-TC- 1A: Ultrasonic Testing, Radiographic Testing, Magnetic Particle Testing, Dye Penetrant Testing.

Saroj Kumar – Sr. Design Engineer

Saroj Kumar is a Mechanical Engineer having 14+ years of Experience, He joined A2Z Consultancy and Trading Services as a Design Engineer. Mr. Saroj Kumar takes a high level of challenges, responsibility, and opportunity to contribute significantly to the growth of the A2Z Consultancy and Trading Services organization with experience in costing and administration as well as develop additional skills for the organization. He has a positive attitude, is self-motivated, and has good leadership qualities.

Highly skilled in:

  • Computer-Aided Design Software: AUTOCAD (R14-20XX), PRO-E, CATIA
  • Analysis Software: NASTRAN (Basic level), ANSYS (Basic level), ROTORDYN (for rotor critical speed calculations), SIMULATION EXPRESS
  • Calculation Software: MATHCAD, MATLAB (Basic level)
  • Computer-Aided Machining Software: In-depth knowledge of Design software like AUTOCAD, SOLIDWORKS, CATIA AND PRO-E, and SAP, and In-depth knowledge of operating SAP.
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