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A2Z Consultancy and Trading Services gives Design and Detailing administrations to the Oil and Gas Production office that covers:

  • Christmas Tree
  • HIPPS System
  • Production Manifold and Separators
  • Gas Sweetening
  • Gas Dehydration
  • Gas Chilling (hydrocarbon due point control)
  • Compressors
  • Produced Water Treatment
  • Oil Stabilization and Storage
  • Pigging Facilities
  • Chemical Dosing
  • Well Water Injection facilities
  • Offsite and Utilities
  • Flare System Design and Engineering, etc

We will fully support you in:

  • Process Design and Extended FEED, Simulations
  • Multiple disciplinary Engineering of the entire facility
  • 3D modeling of the entire facility covering various units, piping, E & I, HVAC, etc
  • Offshore Skid and Module Design and Detail Engineering
  • Lifting Analysis
  • Stress Analysis
  • Support Design and Engineering
  • Electrical Design and Detailed Engineering
  • Instrumentation Design and Detailed Engineering
  • Steel Shop drawings
  • NDT Requirements, etc
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